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A Tribute to Congressman Ron Dellums

The staff of Sabah’s Global Enterprise pauses today to pay tribute to former U.S. Representative and Oakland, California Mayor Ron Dellums, who transitioned on July 30, 2018. Brother Dellums was a visionary who stood strong for many unpopular causes. A champion of human rights, civil rights, social justice, and social equity, he was an outspoken critic of the Vietnam war as well as a staunch advocate for equal rights for women. This renaissance man served almost three decades in the U.S. Congress where he was the Chairman of the powerful House Armed Services Committee for two years. While in Congress, he also led the fight against apartheid in South Africa which eventually led to its downfall. He continuously introduced resolutions against the South African government which resulted in economic sanctions in the mid-‘80s. Brother Dellums was one of the founders of the Congressional Black Caucus. For years, he wrote “alternative budgets” for the Congressional Black Caucus which proposed spending for education, jobs, housing, health care, assistance for the poor, and programs to fight drug abuse instead of military spending.

Although Ron Dellums was indeed a radical, he has been described as a “radical pacifist”. He had an extraordinary ability to defuse tension and forge connections. Such personal skills were sorely needed in an era that featured race riots, the Black Panthers, violent anti-war protests, the assassination of Dr. King, and bloody confrontations with the police and the National Guard. Although he never joined the Black Panthers, he strongly defended their fight against social injustice….he just opposed their methods. Brother Dellums was attributed with being the one person who kept Berkeley, California from “blowing up”. Ron Dellums must not be forgotten for his trailblazing spirit and for his social activism. Sabah’s Global Enterprise says, “Well Done” Brother Dellums. You have left a magnificent legacy on the planet. We re-commit ourselves to uphold the principles for which you so proudly and fiercely fought. Shalom!

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