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(This services is currently in the development phase)

There is a plethora of NGOs, IGOs, and think tanks around the world.  However, unlike many of those entities, SGE prides itself on being diverse and inclusive.  This is a core value that is represented in our staff and, most important, how we perform our work, with respect and dignity for all of our clients.  Sabah’s Global Enterprise plans to extend its reach to villages in rural areas of countries that are often overlooked.  Sabah’s Global Enterprise will dedicate a designated percent of its revenue to such rural villages, thus, assisting them with funds that are necessary to increase the quality of life for locals in the villages.  For example, SGE may provide funds to basket weavers to help increase productivity and revenue for the village. Sabah’s also would help them with marketing their products and broadening their reach to more consumers.  In return, SGE only would require that they repay our initial investment once they have attained a mutually agreed upon quota. This breathes life into SGE’s mission, as it demonstrates that SGE is not driven by profit. Finally, Sabah’s facilitates the development of small business incubators and micro-enterprises in local villages, thus, creating local, regional, and global entrepreneurs.

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