Applying for college is a daunting task for most students. Sabah’s Global Enterprise facilitates the college application process for international students by ensuring that their applications meet all requirements and include all supporting documentation that is required by the institutions to which they are applying.  For example, Sabah’s Global Enterprise helps international students to complete personal statements/statements of interest by conducting rigorous assessments/reviews and thoroughly editing them. Sabah’s Global Enterprise  helps international students transition into American culture by providing them with real time demographic information about the area(s) where the academic institutions are located (e.g., community diversity, socio-economic data, income level, and geographical information).  We also provide a referral service to international students to assist them with personal needs upon relocation (e.g., housing, transportation options, and financial institutions, etc). 

If you would like assistance please book your consultation today!


In preparation of your consultation ,please have the following information available: 
– Your start date
– Intended Major 
– Your budget
– Country in which you would like to study

** Our initial consultation (basic service) is free. If you would like additional assistance throughout the process you may be interested in one of our premium packages and to have your own personal advisor.

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