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Restoring Hope and Faith During Unprecedented Times

The year of “perfect vision” is what many people had hoped for worldwide, beginning the new 2020 year. Yet, unforeseen circumstances took the world by storm. The “perfect vision” they were expecting was not what was delivered. A pandemic, also known as COVID19, swept throughout the nations and impacted many families in ways they never could have imagined. It is also unfortunate that the pandemic is still affecting families today. It has caused many families to experience financial burdens that subsequently caused them to be displaced from their homes, sacrifice healthcare and medical needs to feed their families, and become delinquent on many responsibilities. The pandemic has taken many lives and has left numerous victims who have been fortunate enough to recover, albeit with lifelong physical and mental concerns.

This disease has proven that pandemics do not discriminate by any means, neither do they respect boundaries or sovereignty. As a result, many of our friends and families living on other continents were impacted just as badly as our friends and families here in the United States. Sabah’s Global Enterprise, LLC (SGE) knew we needed to act, yet, the urge grew stronger after the number of victims increased at an alarming rate. Thus, SGE partnered with the Doris A. Keith Foundation, Inc. to provide food and household items to families in South Africa. With the help of SGE’s Director of International Affairs, Kwanele Shishane of South Africa, both organizations were able to feed and provide for many families. Due to confidentiality and anonymity, pictures of the families are not provided. However, pictures of items that were given to the families are shown below.


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