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Turmoil at Port of Entry

As I sit here and gather my thoughts to write this blog, I am fighting, trying not to allow tears to stream down my face. Because I am not alone and am in a public setting. Yet, I am also faced with expressing an “I don’t care” attitude, and allow them to flow. This feeling hurts me deeply within my soul, and continues to pull at my heart strings. This feeling of knowing that I live in a country “founded” by immigrants, yet it exudes such hatred toward immigrants. This country that is comprised of fifty (50) United States, and that stands strong and prides itself on words encompassed within its national anthem, “the land of the free and home of the brave”. I dare to ask my fellow Americans, where does the freedom lie? And where are the brave? It truly saddens me that foreign nationals, whom make conscious decisions to leave their families, country of birth, and familiar resources to risk their lives in search of a better life are faced with such cruelty. Some flee to escape possibilities of being exposed to drug violence/wars, a less thriving economy, and/or being politically targeted.

Too many Americans are focused on the rhetoric and narrative that the current United States presidential administration is pushing. They are believing without a doubt, that these immigrants are coming to “steal, kill, and destroy”. Many of these same Americans are not even questioning why the foreigners are leaving their birth countries, which may lead to reasons that hold the U.S. accountable. Donald Trump, the ruler of the “free world”, is pushing his personal agenda of building a wall to stop these “killers”, “thugs,” and “rapists”, as he refers to them. His personal agenda includes building a wall that must range over 1,900 miles long, and will cost over $5 billion. That cost only includes building the wall. There is an additional cost associated with monitoring, maintaining, and patrolling the wall. Trump has even threatened to shut down the U.S government if congress does not agree to approve a budget for his wall.

It is challenging to say that this country will ever be great, in the sense that it gives foreign nationals a fair chance to enter and undergo a formal vetting process prior to being sent back to their country of origin--if necessary.

I am not certain as to where the United States of American is currently heading. Yet, I have to question…Will we ever live up to the creed so eloquently inscribed on Lady Liberty (the statue of liberty), “GIVE ME YOUR TIRED, YOUR POOR, YOUR HUDDLED MASSES YEARNING TO BREATH FREE.”

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